New music Tuesday: The Men’s Tomorrow’s Hits

Tomorrow’s Hits, the new album from the Men, is my pick for this week’s best release. Just a few years ago, the Men were an abrasive punk band, which seems unimaginable listening to the horn section on Another Night or the sugary pop of Get What You Give or any of the eight tracks on the new album. There are no punk songs here but there is a barroom feel, especially on the songs¬†Pearly Gates and Sleepless. As the Men tend to do (at least on the past couple of releases), the band draws on a variety of musical genres rooted in classic rock or country (although far more rock on this record). ¬†Fans of last year’s New Moon will hear a signature sound that’s developed over the past couple of years in the songs Dark Waltz and Going Down. Overall, it’s a really good rock album.


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