Best new music: Ty Segall’s Freedom’s Goblin

I’m an unabashed fan of almost everything Ty Segall has ever recorded.

At age 30, Segall has a large body of work — performing by himself, with the Ty Segall Band and with a number of side projects.

His latest album, Freedom’s Goblin, embraces ’60s and ’70s rock, psychedelia, funk, jazz, punk and more over 19 songs. Musically, it’s among the most interesting things Segall has put out.

Segall’s music often sounds like an homage to decades past yet feels new and fresh. Insanely catchy, his albums rarely disappoint. This one really delivers.

Segall and his band (now known as the Freedom Band) recently played on Jimmy Kimmel Live, performing the cover Every 1’s a Winner and Despoiler of Cadaver.