Listen to a new Mount Eerie song

Distortion is a track from Mount Eerie’s upcoming album, Now Only.

It sounds like Now Only picks up where last year’s A Crow Looked At Me left off.

Phil Elverum, who performs as Mount Eerie, writes songs about life — and raising his young daughter — following the loss of his wife to cancer.

The new self-released album is expected out March 16.

Seven more overlooked albums of 2017


A few days ago, I highlighted five overlooked or underappreciated albums from last year. Well, here are another seven that didn’t get the love they deserved in 2017.

Flat Worms – Flat Worms

Frankie Rose – Cage Tropical

Alex Lahey – I Love You Like a Brother

Ohmme – Ohmme

Wand – Plum

The Pollyseeds – Sounds of Crenshaw Vol. 1

The Safes – Tasty Waves

Five overlooked albums


There were dozens of excellent albums last year, including many that were overlooked or underappreciated.

Critics and fans, including myself, missed some interesting finds in their year-end lists.

Here are five of them:

Lost Balloons – Hey Summer

Anna Altman – Freightliner

CFM – Dichotomy Desaturated

Roya – Roya

The Rubs – Impossible Dream