Total Babes share new song, Blurred Time

The name is a little misleading. Total Babes is actually four guys from Ohio, including Jayson Gerycz of Cloud Nothings. If you like Cloud Nothings, you may like this song, Blurred Time, from the upcoming Total Babes’ album Heydays (out next month).

Speedy Ortiz’s Foil Deer is a best new release

Speedy Ortiz

“I was the best at being second place but now I’m just the runner-up,” Sadie Dupuis sings on The Graduates, a track on her band Speedy Ortiz’s new album. Despite the self deprecation, Dupuis and her band just released a winner.

Like much of the album, Foil Deer, the song The Graduates will remind you of ’90s indie and “alternative” rock (as it was then called). Pavement and Breeders come to mind the most listening to the album start to finish. But there’s a little more range on this new release than on the band’s 2013 debut Major Arcana and last year’s Real Hair EP. There’s even a dance number, Puffer, which is thoroughly enjoyable.

Dupuis previously taught writing at the university level and it shows in her songs. Massachusetts-based Speedy Ortiz distinguishes itself from other ’90s-sounding acts in part through Dupuis’ smart, sharp lyrics. Out this week, Foil Deer is highly recommended.

Speedy Ortiz plays Empty Bottle next week (April 30).

Nots release video for White Noise

If you like Perfect Pussy, a punk band that received a lot of accolades last year, you’ll probably like Memphis-based Nots, which put out its own excellent album, We Are Nots, in 2014.

Here’s a new video for White Noise, a song from We Are Nots.

T. Hardy Morris to release new album in June

T. Hardy Morris

The new album from Morris (far left) gets high praise from Drive By Truckers’ Patterson Hood

Athens, Georgia-based T. Hardy Morris teased us with a killer new song, Painted on Attitude, last October. Morris, a member of the bands Diamond Rugs and Dead Confederate, today announced he’s releasing his new album (as Hardy & the Hardknocks) in June.

In contrast to Morris’ more mellow 2013 solo release, Audition Tapes, the new album, Drownin on a Mountain Top, is smoking, according to Drive By Truckers’ Patterson Hood.

Drownin on a Mountain Top blasts out of the garage like some high-octane muscle car full of friends blasting Mott the Hoople on the way to the last-call dive bar,” Hood says in a press release.

That’s high praise. (A fan, Hood previously invited Morris to tour with him.)

The new album is expected out June 23. Morris is also releasing the song, Too Little, Too Late, as a 7-inch split with the Futurebirds for Record Store Day this Saturday.

Foxygen plays Chicago’s Metro

To really enjoy Foxygen, you have to be in on the joke. A tongue-in-cheek send-up of ’60s and ’70s rock, the band’s Foxygen … And Star Power was an underrated album last year.

Foxygen plays Metro Thursday as part of what the band is calling its “farewell tour.” So this may be the last shot at seeing these guys. If you haven’t seen a Foxygen show, it’s a blast. The band is hilarious and bursting with energy on stage.