Wand releases new video for Bee Karma

The band Wand has churned out really good psychedelic rock over the past few years.

Check out the video for Bee Karma, a song off Wand’s upcoming album Plum.

The new album, the band’s fourth, is out next month.

Creepy clown alert: You’ve been warned.

Downtown Boys release scorching new album, Cost of Living

Downtown Boys

In Donald Trump’s arsenal of divisive issues, the border wall is a big gun.

Singer Victoria Ruiz mocks the proposed monument to Trumpism on A Wall, the opening track of the Downtown Boys‘ new album.

The hatred that inspires such a structure is the real culprit, while “a wall is a wall, and nothing more at all,” she sings.

Providence punks the Downtown Boys have been tearing it up with politically charged lyrics for much of this decade.

On Cost of Living, the band is going full force. Ferocious punk rock with horns.

It’s the most exciting and relevant music I’ve heard this year.

Ty Segall raises money for ACLU with new music

The American Civil Liberties Union has been working hard this year fighting actions of the Trump White House.

Rocker Ty Segall is trying to help by raising money for the organization.

Segall just released a six-song EP, Fried Shallots, on Bandcamp. (Buy a physical version on Drag City’s website.)

Segall says profit from the album will go to ACLU.

Guided By Voices returns to Chicago for two shows

The pride of Dayton, Ohio, and former school teacher Robert Pollard, has been rocking hard since the 1980s. Pollard’s band Guided By Voices (lovingly known as GBV to fans) was scarcely heard outside Ohio until the critical acclaim of the early ’90s classics Bee Thousand and Alien Lanes. From then on, a hardcore fan base began to build.

There’s a familiarity Pollard brings to each album. Whether your last listen to a GBV album was Alien Lanes or Isolation Drills (2001) or Cool Planet (2014), you’ll find Pollard’s latest (the soon-to-be released GBV album How Do You Spell Heaven) is like catching up with an old friend. Really, it’s like no time has passed. GBV albums sound far more highly produced than the bare-bones lo-fi recordings from the early years. But, otherwise, the formula is the same. There’s that British Invasion love, an absurd tapestry of unrelated words and phrases and the highly addictive guitar-driven music.

Pollard is just shy of turning 60 but doesn’t appear to be slowing down. Despite twice disbanding GBV, he’s recorded more than two dozen studio albums with a rotating cast of musicians. And that’s just as GBV. As a solo artist, he’s released more than 20 albums. He’s also recorded and performed with multiple side projects. Earlier this year, he announced that altogether he’s released 100 albums. His song count is said to be more than 2,000.

But you can rely on him pulling out a number of well-known, often-performed GBV hits when his longtime band plays Chicago this weekend for a sold-out show at Beat Kitchen Friday and an outdoor gig at Wicker Park Fest Saturday night.

And, by the way, a GBV show is always a blast.

How Do You Spell Heaven is set for release August 11.